No Partnership Among Advocates is Expressed or Implied.

Meet The Advocates


Gregory S. Arnold, JD, LL.M

Greg is the Founder and Senior Advocate.  He will have the first meeting with you, typically over the telephone, and he will negotiate any legal services agreements with you.  Depending upon the difficulty or location of your legal matter, you might work with another Advocate, or a law clerk, paralegal or legal secretary.

Greg has enjoyed a rich career in the construction bonding industry, insurance business,.  His expertiest includes contract negotiation, drafting, interpretation and enforcement.  Greg learned from the best attorneys in the industry while managing litigation for insurance and surety companies.

Undergraduate:     Union College and University, B.A., Political Science

Law School:             Western State College of Law, J.D.

                                     Univ. of Connecticut School of Law, LL.M

                                     Seattle Univ. School of Law, Certificate, Indian Law

                                     Univ. of San Diego School of Law, Certificate, International Law

Bar Associations:   American Bar Association, Attorney Member

                                     Tribal Court Bar Associations

                                           1. Colville


                                           3. Delaware Tribe of Kansas

                                           Grand Ronde

                                           5.  Mashpee Wampanoag         

                                           Nez Perce

                                           7. Pascua Yacqui

                                           Port Gamble       S'Klallam

                                           9. Skokomish


                                           11. Shoalwater Bay


                                           13. Spokane


                                           15. Confederated Tribles of the   Umatilla Indian Reservation

                                           Warm Springs

                                           17. Yakama Nation

                                     Pending or Planned Tribal Court Bar Admissions:




Our Advocate in the Pacific Northwest

Ms. Roberta Armstrong, JD, is passionate about Indian Country.  Her specialties include Indian probates and estates.  She is licensed in several Indian tribal courts nationwide, and has experience with the Indian Bureau of Hearings and Appeals.  She is also admitted to practice in the state of Washington.  When she is not advising a client or giving a CLE conference on Indian wills and probate, she can be seen driving around in her wrapped van or riding her Harley.

Ms. Roberta Armstrong, (866) 639-5550

Our Advocate in California

Daniel Izzo can meet with clients and handle tribal court appearances in Indian tribal courts in California.

We help with Workers' Compensation Matters

Most tribes do not operate their workers' compensation systems under state law.  Most choose to be self-administered under tribal law.  Most contract with Tribal First to administer claims.  You are probably looking  at this website because you received a letter from Tribal First denying your claim.  We can sometimes help turn that around in your favor.

Already Working With An Advocate?

 If you are already working with an advocate, but he or she is not licensed to practice under the tribe's jurisdictional laws, we can associate with your advocate and work together for your benefit.

Just Need to Know What The Law Is So You Can Represent Yourself?

We'll do the legal research for you.  We can also prepare the court documents for you and you can decide whether to attend hearings or trials without us by your side.  Our services are tailor-made to suit your style and your budget.


Private Settling To Meet In Tulsa Near Many Reservations

You value your privacy, and so do we.  Your legal issues are kept in confidence.  You will be comfortable in our offices or conference rooms, and if you need to attend a deposition, we can handle that here as well.

Free Initial Consultation

We won't charge you until we agree to take your case.  Your first hour of consultation is free.  We will not accept your case if we do not think we can add real value to your personal issue.